We are facing the worst cost of living crisis in generations. Inflation is at a 40 year high, and the government’s own forecaster predicts an average fall of 7% in household income over the next two years. Many will lose much more than 7%.

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But there has been incredible resistance to the employers’ offensive. In the last few months hundreds of thousands of workers have taken strike action, shutting down postal, rail and border services, and raising the alarm about the crisis in the NHS. More workers are likely to join the strike wave in the coming months. The fact that employers and the government are coordinating their action means our side has to do the same. There have been amazing examples of solidarity between unions, but this needs to be built
into a force that can stop the attacks.

Join us on January 22nd to demand we march together and strike together to build a movement that can win.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! March Together — Strike Together